write girl, right place

Meet me. I’m “of a certain age” but am still genuinely surprised when the face looking back in the mirror is no longer 20. I’ve lived, loved, and laughed — and have the smile lines (and grey hairs) to show for it. My life observations and stories are often humorous, sometimes irreverent, and always, I hope, share-worthy. So enjoy — and remember, if you sit under the table, you’ll get rice on your head. And that itself is a story to be shared.




© 2022 Claudia Grossman

8 comments on “write girl, right place

  1. Love the title, and the first article!

  2. Thoroughly enjoying your writings Claudia; the contemplations, observations, humor and especially the heart. ❤

  3. It’s a constant, I am always left with a smile after reading your articles–you go girl!

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