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When God was handing out athletic grace, I was on the other line. And while I’m well aware of my strengths — including an imagination as active as any star athlete’s workout — when it comes to moving through life, let’s just say I’m kind of like Lucy in a Marx Brothers movie. There was […]

i don’t know … but

One of my passions is great advertising. I am a huge fan of print ads (as long as they’re still around) and really admire classic TV commercials — many of them (if not most) from the ’60s and ’70s (which sort of dovetails nicely with my love of Mad Men). I’ve been known to burst […]

more stuff I don’t get, the sequel

Why Archie still can’t choose between Betty and Veronica Why the sound of a dental drill can’t be muted Why we secretly love Gordon Gekko even while we despise him What it was that Billy Joe MacCallister threw off the Tallahatchie Bridge How James Bond never ages Why everyone is so concerned about where Waldo […]

things I don’t get

Why there are restrictions on buying soda in NY but not on buying cigarettes Why a contestant on Wheel of Fortune who has this much of the puzzle solved — M_SS_SS_PP_ — insists on buying an “I” Why people dress their pets in doll clothes and bows Why some smokers think it’s ok to flick […]

dinner with (old) friends

One of life’s amazing quirks to me is the rubber band of old friends. Case in point: a recent dinner with college friends of ours who  lived in LA for a few years but have since returned to the East Coast. We’ve gone from seeing them every one to two months to seeing them just […]

50 strands of grey

One of life’s unfair little jokes is that when a man’s hair goes grey, it looks kind of sexy (George, Denzel, Richard, Ben, Barack). When a woman’s hair turns grey, it looks like we better do something — stat.  But — and here’s the question — do we really have to? Let’s see. Some women […]

keep your friends close, and your m&m’s closer

Intellectually, I know I’m an emotional eater. Hel-lo. Show me a room of 10 women, and I’ll show you 9 emotional eaters. And one female who loves fiber. In trying to explain this condition to my husband, I am rewarded with a puzzled look – somewhere between that of a puppy that truly doesn’t understand your command […]