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blizzard of blitzen

Yesterday I made the mistake of wanting to listen to the radio while driving. Almost every single music station I tuned to was playing holiday music. Only. 24/7. And most of them had started the format well before Thanksgiving turkeys were even defrosting. I suppose it’s just part of the trend that has the holiday […]

a ticklish subject

The LA Zoo is a really fun place to spend Thanksgiving morning. It’s not very crowded, it’s cool enough for all the animals to be in the outdoor portions of their habitats (vs. summertime, when they chill out inside), and the foliage is turning red and gold (yes, we do get fall here in LA, […]

so this black cat walks under a ladder…

I’m not superstitious. I’m not afraid of black cats (no more than I’m leery of other cats, which sort of freak me out because they act like they know things that we don’t — and they’re not sharing); I walk under ladders without a second thought; I step on cracks in the sidewalk with wild […]

marquee men

Men and the movies — two of my favorite things. And men in the movies — where do I start? Here, with my list of sexiest movie men, some from the past, others more current. So grab your popcorn and enjoy. Al Pacino as Serpico Do I really need to explain this one — those […]

a really big shoe

For those of us of a certain age, The Ed Sullivan Show¬†was a Sunday-night institution. Airing at 8 pm on CBS, the show featured everyone’s favorite host (with his signature pronunciation of “show” as “shoe”) introducing us each week to a variety of entertainment. There was always a singer or two (big names at the […]

the care and feeding of (growing) boys

If you’re from a New York Jewish family like mine (and B.’s), you know the central role that food plays in life. From the moment you’re born throughout visits to parents in later life, “Have you eaten?” is one of the first questions asked. And in such families (my Italian friends claim it’s the same […]