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just name it

Names are a funny thing. Sometimes they seem to fit their person perfectly. Sometimes not. Some are more memorable than others; some, better off forgotten. Let’s start with the one-name wonders. Those who go by just a single name because they’ve reached such iconic status that a surname would seem superfluous — Beyonce, Oprah, Kobe, […]

balls & dolls

When it comes to strong, inspiring women — women who have the courage, the gumption, the balls, if you will, to stand up for what they believe in — my list includes (in no particular order): Eleanor Roosevelt, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King. And if I want […]

summer of ’75

It amazes me that B. and I met 38 years ago this summer. The summer of 1975. Two high-school juniors meeting at an upstate NY university for a summer of higher education. (Cue CSN singing¬†Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.)¬†One 17-year-old girl, who’d led a fairly sheltered existence, hoping for a summer of love. One 17-year-old boy, […]

finding my funny

We’ve all been there. Life deals us a really tough hand and we feel like crawling under the nearest fuzzy blanket with Ben & Jerry, turning up the volume on Steel Magnolias, and just having an all-out pity party. No other guests invited. But the need to get back to routine does kick in — […]

things i wish i’d come up with

Some things I wish I’d thought of first. Not for the money or the notoriety — for the chance to say aha! before anyone else. Post-Its (Do you know anyone who doesn’t use them?) Swiffer (Dusting goes from being a pain in the neck to being … a smaller pain in the neck.) The names […]