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valley of the dolls

Among my many talents is the ability to do a mean Valley Girl imitation. (I also do a pretty good New York cabbie impression and a dead-on Jerry Lewis “Hey, Lady!” that cracks B. up every time.) I’m one of those native New Yorkers who has been blessed not to have very much of an accent […]

bosom buddies

While watching the Emmy Awards this past Sunday night, a few things occurred to me — a) Jon Hamm was wrongfully passed over yet again as the dark, damaged, devastatingly disarming Don Draper (although I have to admit that I love Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy in Newsroom; in fact, he could almost make me […]

i heart moon river

One of my favorite episodes of Sex and the City is I Heart NY, in which the love of Carrie’s life, Mr. Big, is about to move away to Napa, leaving her nostalgic for their time together in the city they both love so much. The episode, which aired in February of 2002, is a valentine […]

blonde leading the blonde

We’ve all heard those blonde jokes — and I, for one, would like to put them to rest. Three reasons — first, because they demoralize women in general; second, because I happen to be one of the blonde minority and don’t appreciate the aspersions; and third, because they’re just not true.  So, in an effort […]