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i’d like to thank the academy

With Thanksgiving just a day away, it seems like the appropriate time to say thank you — not only to my dear friends, darling husband, and delightful mother-in-law — but also to those who don’t really (or even) know me but have done something especially nice for me. So, before the producers start playing my […]

clearing skies

At the risk of dating myself, there’s a song by Dire Straits that I absolutely love called Why Worry? And it’s one particular lyric, as well as Mark Knopfler’s amazing guitar riffs, that sets it apart in my mind: “There should be laughter after pain / There should be sunshine after rain / These things have always been […]

the facts of life

A dear friend recently lost his mother and asked for assistance in writing her eulogy. Not something you get asked to do very often (hopefully) and not something to be taken lightly. As his mom was not someone I knew well, he supplied me with background information about her life. And from there, I wrote […]


Ask any woman about her hair and she’ll go on for at least two paragraphs about what she likes and hates about it. That having been said, I still find it amazing that top among recent news stories — including those about health care coverage, election results, the New York Marathon, the Red Sox World […]

long and winding road

Having  traded in the pavement-pounding crowds of New York for the freeway-clogging crowds of LA just about 17 years ago, I have to admit that the whole LA driving scene continues to surprise me. It’s such a big part of life out here that it deserves its own zip code. Maybe 9-0-2-1-0MG.  To wit: In […]