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accessory to the crime

The way I see it, you’re either an accessories person or you’re not. I know plenty of people (ok, women) who love to carry the perfect purse, drape the ideal scarf, choose the earrings that complement the belt that ties in with the exact pumps that go with the ideal pair of jeans (of the […]

what’s on tap?

In my ongoing quest to discover the star inside, I found myself, one day a few years ago, signing up for a series of evening tap dance classes. The online description was perfect — a series of eight classes, one hour each, targeted at beginners, start whenever you want. All that was required was a […]

the only man who should wear a mustache

When it comes to men’s facial hair (there’s an opening line if ever I wrote one), I have a very short memory. I once complimented a     co-worker on his new (I thought) goatee, only to find out that he’d had it for a couple of months. I recently “noticed” how nice a friend […]

hang a left at the caramel

One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching — but not for the reasons you probably think. Let the other women get the roses (delivered to the office where everyone can see). The jewelry that’s advertised in commercials as coming straight from the heart (the heart of the ad agency, anyway). The red bustier that […]

you want a pizza this?

You can’t tell a New Yorker about pizza. Because New Yorkers know pizza better than anyone (spoken like a born and bred New Yorker, I know). If asked what the one thing I miss about living in New York is, the answer would have to be the pizza. You can throw a dart and hit […]

going to the mattresses

As they have all my life, men (or in the beginning, boys), continue to fascinate me. Aside from the obvious fact that they are “suited up” differently for the game of life, they all seem to have the same game-playing info encoded in their brains that’s different from a woman’s. Maybe it’s that their antennae […]