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“s” is for sexy

OMG it’s finally happened. I’m too old for People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Not to date, to appreciate. With the announcement that Chris Hemsworth has claimed this year’s honor, I find myself completely unmoved. Not that Mr. Hemsworth isn’t good-looking. It’s just that he’s young — far too young for my appreciation meter to move even one […]

wood-a, shoulda, coulda

I love nature as much as the next person (ok, to a point), and a walk through the famed monarch butterfly preserve near Santa Barbara is always a treat. From November through February, this eucalyptus grove is host to what seems like millions of monarchs on their annual migration. So there we were this weekend. Picture it — […]

knot so much

While life hands all of us an ongoing series of knotty issues and tangled messes, I appear to have taken the concept to a new level (a dubious distinction). Some mildly embarrassing examples, slapstick knot-withstanding: The hooded pullover sweatshirt. No matter how I try (arms first, head first, whatever), I still manage to get lost in the garment […]