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beyond living on their hair

When it comes to music, I grew up on WABC-AM Top 40 (Harry Harrison and Cousin Brucie, anyone?). Carole King was my goddess in junior high. And as un-hip as it may sound, in high school, I loved listening to Jim Croce (my heart broke when his plane crashed), CSNY, Aztec Two-Step, James Taylor, Phoebe Snow. […]

the mother-in-law lottery

In the game of life, sometimes you win, sometimes not so much. When it comes to mothers-in-law, though, I have to say that I’ve most certainly won the lottery. In my mind, B.’s mom should be a shoo-in for the Mother-in-Law Hall of Fame (the good kind of fame). At just about five feet tall, […]

happy birthday, baby

This week is B.’s 54th birthday (how did that happen — we were just in our 30s about five minutes ago) and, as usual, I’m faced with the age-old dilemma of what to do for a present. Oh, sure, there are the obvious choices — the new Grisham novel, the iTunes gift card, tickets to […]

together again, at last

The other night, with an evening to myself as B. was giving final exams, I found a treasure on TV — Encore was broadcasting the first night of a 4-part viewing of The Thorn Birds. The classic miniseries first aired in 1983, and I’ve never gotten to see it in its entirety. Actually, I’ve never seen […]

seriously, hon?

See if you can follow this because to me it was crystal clear — basic math, and certainly not brain science.  I went to a beauty store (part of a national chain — yes, that one) to make a return. I was returning three eye pencils which had been offered as a “buy 1, get […]

the color of money

Pantone, the renowned color-matching experts for the printing industry as well as fashion, this week announced their Color of the Year 2013 — emerald. I have nothing against emerald. In fact, B. bought me a small emerald band for our 10th anniversary because he said the color reminded him of my eyes (could you just […]

jackie, audrey, grace … and me

Sometimes in this world, there are rare moments when the fates conspire to do good. To do something so exquisite that we all sit back and emit a collective “ahh.” Jung called it the collective unconscious – phenomena we all instinctively regard as beautiful. Think sunsets, a sky full of stars, a snowflake. Now think […]