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If you’re of a certain age and grew up in a certain time and place (let’s say 1960s suburbia), there’s a good chance that your mom’s kitchen included Pyrex mixing bowls of a certain pattern. In our house, it was the turquoise and white bowls of graduated sizes featuring a farmer-and-his-wife design (little-girl me always […]

stand-up guys

You know what’s funny? No, I mean it — do you know what’s funny? We’ve all got our own laugh barometers and mine is usually set at “smart” — not me (although I am) — the person creating the laughter. Let’s face it. Smart guys make the best comedy (smart women, too, obviously, although today […]

i tink i can

My muse, my inspiration, my touchstone for getting through life is  — wait for it — Tinkerbell. She’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s fearless. She’s got the blonde-hair-green-eyes thing going on (me too). Wherever she goes, glittering pixie dust follows (seriously, how cool is that?). But mostly, I love Tink because she believes in believing. Millions […]