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slip service

I’ve never been the kind of woman to stop traffic. Nor would I want to be. Too much attention. Too much pressure. Too much maintenance. But despite all that, stop traffic I did. Picture this … New York City, circa 1985. Think big shoulders. Big hair. High heels. Killer black dress. Black stockings. And the […]

good. bye!

I am an extremely polite person. Unerringly so. I hold doors, yield to oncoming traffic, let the person with just a couple of items get ahead of me in line at the supermarket. I say “Yes, ma’am” to customer service reps over the phone, I clean out the lint trap after using the dryer (we […]

dim sum-thing special

While B. and I were happily enjoying Chinese takeout the other night, it occurred to me to wonder whether famous people order in too. And then I thought, how much fun would it be to order in takeout for a bunch of famous people — at our table? And then I wondered about whom I […]

heroes at heart

We all need our heroes. Sometimes our heroes are larger-than-life figures, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Sometimes they are ordinary people doing the extraordinary things that then make them anything but. Sometimes their gestures are huge; sometimes just a small thing that saves the day. But always, always, always our heroes […]

one na hockey, two na hockey …

Upon hearing that the board game Monopoly had recently retired the iron game piece and replaced it with a cat, I had a flashback to playing games as a kid. The funny thing is that it was a big event. Open the box, take out all the pieces, sort them, set up the board, distribute […]

dear 5-year-old me

Having just celebrated a birthday with multiple 5’s in it, it seems an appropriate time for me to think about myself at five years old, my life stretched out ahead of me, cute smile, pinchable cheeks, neuroses already firmly in place (who knew?). If I could offer advice and comfort to that sweet little girl, […]