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kissing sagebrush

I’ve been hot-air ballooning twice. The first time was so unbelievably wonderful that I emerged with a new outlook on life. The second time was so awful that I emerged with a face full of dirt. To wit: Balloon flight #1 took place in northern California. The pilot picked us up at our hotel at […]

dear jack

Dear Jack, We’ve never met but I’m a little bit in love with you. I married your grandson, and his stories about you make me feel like, had we known each other, we would have been great friends. I never knew my grandfathers, both of them passing away before I was even born, so the […]

come fly with me

“It used to mean a better meal … now it means a better life.” That’s how Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger) described first-class air travel to her uber-adorable son Ray in Jerry Maguire. And having just stepped off a plane from a trip to south Florida to deal with aging-parent issues, I have to agree. (I […]

and it’s outta here!

I am the product of a mixed marriage — my father was a NY Giants baseball fan, my mother grew up on the Yankees. The Brooklyn Dodgers didn’t factor into their Bronx upbringing (although I now certainly have a fondness for LA Dodger blue), and the Mets were just never a big deal to them […]

sample simple

In this world where even Type A personalities can feel left behind, the idea of achieving perfection – or anything in that neighborhood – is daunting at best. Ergo the epiphany that came to me while engaging in the very unglamorous act of painting our kitchen: a simple enough task, perfectly done, can bring pleasure, […]