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eye on the ball

As this year’s World Series winds down to its final game or two, and the boys of summer and the Mr. Octobers walk off into the sunset for another season, America’s favorite pastime leaves the diamond until next spring. I, for one, love the romance of baseball — but some of the rules of the […]

up on the roof

Dear Guy on the Roof: I’m sorry if our trying to sleep (in the apartment just below where you are hanging out on the roof with your date at 2 a.m.) is intruding on your privacy, but I can’t help but overhear every word you are saying in full voice (as well as the clomping […]

tell-tail heart

I love to do dog voices. Seriously. I became proficient putting voice to a dog’s thoughts (that is, my best guess at those thoughts) with our dog, Ilsa, an Aussie-spaniel mix who was incredibly smart and loving. And although Ilsa was female, I’d express her thoughts in a gruff Brooklyn-accented voice — sort of like […]

baby and the blouse man

Many, many movies capture the essence of growing up in New York. Many capture the New York Jewish experience perfectly. And a few go so far as to bring to life a part of that experience that flourished in the ’50s and ’60s in a place known as the Catskills. Some background: ┬áLocated a couple […]

don’t take any shirt from anyone

The numbers are awful. One in four women will be the victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. That means if your book group includes seven other women, two of them might suffer. If you’ve got three besties, one of the four of you could end up seriously hurt or worse. And your daughter’s cheerleading […]

breaking bread with bernie

Whenever I make a sandwich on rye bread, I think of my father-in-law, Bernie. Why rye? Because one of my husband’s nicest growing-up memories is of he and his dad stopping at the bakery to pick up the loaf of fresh-baked rye bread that his mom had asked for — and then managing to eat […]