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nights in shining humor

When I was a teenager, then a college student, and then an adult — in fact from the ages of about 16 through 34 — I went to bed with the same man every night. Johnny Carson. I’d usually make it through about half of the show, sometimes all of it. Johnny’s monologue always made […]

cracking myself up

Let’s face it. I’m not a country girl. I grew up in New York, went to college in Boston, and now live in LA. While you’ll hear me complain along with everyone else about the noise, the traffic, and the crowds, the bottom line is that I’m good for about a week trying to sit […]

things that go bump in the night

While not necessarily a scaredy-cat, I scare big-time about lots of little things. I’m not talking spiders (I get rid of them myself) or the dark (although I am cautious about tripping over my bunny slippers if I can’t see them); and I’m certainly not talking about life’s major issues. I’m referring to these odd, […]

wandering in wonderland

Every so often, wondering gets the better of me. Not wondering about the big stuff like the meaning of life, but the small, odd stuff, like whose life is the board game LIFE based on anyway? Here, my most recent wonderings: Why are we instructed to “see dick run, see jane run, see spot run”? […]