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gidget goes birthday

As another birthday is here (and this one is certainly a milestone – how did 65 happen?), I find myself remembering birthdays from the past. The ones at college, celebrating with friends and pizza. The ones as a working person in New York City, marked by shared-March-birthday lunches with co-workers and evening cocktails with confidants. […]

who scent you?

When it comes to the power of our memories, it seems that our sense of scent is a sure way to find our way home, so to speak. Music can take us there; old photos, certainly; even the taste of a once-forgotten, now-remembered food. But scent seems to surprise us more, perhaps because it wafts […]

i scream, you scream

It’s not unusual for two born-and-bred New Yorkers to go out of their way for the perfect slice of pizza; when you live in New York City, that can be as close as the next block. Any block. In LA, however, it’s not as simple – or as close. And when you find it – […]

celebrating celadon

For some of us (the very lucky ones, I like to think), colors exert a unique energy on our lives, moving us in ways and directions both unexpected and gratifying. A yellow umbrella on a grey day, a ruby-colored wall in an otherwise bland room, the signature blue of a robin’s egg in its plain-colored […]

circle this

There is something about the idea of a circle that I find hugely comforting. Whether it’s the circle of love and commitment symbolic to a wedding ring; the warmth and support that come from having a circle (no matter how small) of dear friends; or the eye-pleasing joy that comes from viewing a circle of […]