on rice, tables, and life

Rice on your head? No really, what? Let me explain. The title of this blog comes from my observation of one of life’s little realities, as exemplified by our dog, Ilsa. An Australian shepherd with some spaniel in her, Ilsa was, without a doubt, one of the world’s great dogs. Loving, smart, loyal — and always there when the sound of food was heard. For years, she would stretch out under the dinner table, not begging for food but just wanting to be close to all the action. And she was.

Because as surely as Friday night meant Chinese takeout, Ilsa would always end up with a couple of grains of rice on her head. Literally. From sitting under the table. Not a bad thing. Not a good thing. Just another wonderful story to tell.


©2022 Claudia Grossman

2 comments on “on rice, tables, and life

  1. Hi Claudia: Love the photo of Ilsa – she was one of the world’s great dogs! Thoroughly enjoying your Blog and your sense of humor! Hope to see you in the neighborhood some morning! Maggie

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