out of focus

Everyone’s favorite bumbling TV spy, Maxwell Smart (from the 1960s hit spoof Get Smart), had an expression he used when he messed things up – “missed by that much.” That would be an apt description of my latest kitchen bumblings. In short, it seems that I really need to focus more on focusing more (daydreaming […]

a fine pickle

With pickleball sweeping the nation – and the world – as the newest fitness sensation, it’s hard not to have read about it, seen it, or maybe even tried your hand at it. For me, probably the least sports-playing person out there, I’ve only watched from a distance. Admittedly, it looks enjoyable, but I’ve heard […]

commence & sensibility

With the commencement of commencement season, I turn again to this blog post that I wrote and posted for the first time several years ago. It is still as true today as it was then – and as it was when I, myself, graduated from college decades ago (although I, of course, didn’t have the […]

objects may be closer

Like nearly everywhere else this spring, southern California has had weather that can only be described as odd, to say the least. Weeks at much colder temps than we’re used to, deluges of rain, massive amounts of snow in some areas, and then, when the sun finally came back, no real warm-up. Very, very strange. […]

prom-ises, promises

Ah, that rite of passage, the high school prom. Back in the 1970s, when I was a senior in high school, the prom (still known as “the” prom back then) was a very big deal, and not having been asked was an equally big deal, at least in my mind. Seventeen magazine filled its pages […]

hits and missus

There used to be a saying that some girls would go to college seeking a very specific, very important degree – their MRS. That’s right. The entire goal of achieving a higher education was to achieve a husband. And not just any husband, but a doctor, a lawyer, a banker – in short, a professional […]

gidget goes birthday

As another birthday is here (and this one is certainly a milestone – how did 65 happen?), I find myself remembering birthdays from the past. The ones at college, celebrating with friends and pizza. The ones as a working person in New York City, marked by shared-March-birthday lunches with co-workers and evening cocktails with confidants. […]

who scent you?

When it comes to the power of our memories, it seems that our sense of scent is a sure way to find our way home, so to speak. Music can take us there; old photos, certainly; even the taste of a once-forgotten, now-remembered food. But scent seems to surprise us more, perhaps because it wafts […]

i scream, you scream

It’s not unusual for two born-and-bred New Yorkers to go out of their way for the perfect slice of pizza; when you live in New York City, that can be as close as the next block. Any block. In LA, however, it’s not as simple – or as close. And when you find it – […]

celebrating celadon

For some of us (the very lucky ones, I like to think), colors exert a unique energy on our lives, moving us in ways and directions both unexpected and gratifying. A yellow umbrella on a grey day, a ruby-colored wall in an otherwise bland room, the signature blue of a robin’s egg in its plain-colored […]