it’s life

slice of life

There’s a scene in The Way We Were where Katie Morosky (Barbra Streisand) gets herself all worked up, her words rushing out, telling Hubbell Gardiner (Robert Redford) why he absolutely must stay for dinner because she’s just run around town picking up all the ingredients for the meal, including a pie. He looks at her for […]

pigs are flying

Let’s summarize the state of the union: Pigs are flying. Mittens are now needed in hell, where snowballs are thriving. A needle has been found in the proverbial haystack, and apples are falling ridiculously far from their trees. The planets are considering reversing their orbits, and the sun isn’t really in the mood to rise every day […]

you want change from that?

If you’re like me, it still rattles you that Bewitched changed Darrins on us. From Dick York to Dick Sargent. Without so much as a nose wiggle (or maybe that’s how they did it).  Changes are necessary, sure, but change can be a little uncomfortable from time to time. Just ask Coke. Or any woman […]

heart and soul

Yesterday was one of those days of contradiction. Amidst the horror of the tragedy at Nice, we had tickets to see Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. On this dark, sad day, a trip to an upbeat musical? It seemed wrong to go and enjoy ourselves — but it seemed more wrong to let the chance of […]

holly-would ending

There’s a whole list of “life lessons” that Hollywood tries to communicate through movies and television; I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but a lot of them are either falsely positive or truly negative. If only these Hollywood endings were a bit more realistic, maybe a lot of us would be better adjusted in life. Saying “woulda, […]

yellow, i love you

Spring and summer come earlier to southern California (sorry about that) and right now there are lots of roses — especially yellow ones — all over the neighborhood. I have a special memory of yellow roses — my father used to buy them for me for Valentine’s Day. Always, from when I was a little girl until […]

roots and wingspan

It occurs to me that certain events serve as bookends for different stages of my life. One such set of my bookends are two Eagles concerts; the first in the late 1970s at the Boston Garden and the second just a few years ago at the Hollywood Bowl. The first, while I was still in college, so […]