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spitting image

Dear Prius-Driving Privileged Prince: You don’t know me, but I’m the person in the car behind yours at the red light. The person who is as deserving of a clean environment as you are. The person who asks only that you attempt to use those good manners that I’m fairly sure a 27-ish guy would […]

more stuff I don’t get, the sequel

Why Archie still can’t choose between Betty and Veronica Why the sound of a dental drill can’t be muted Why we secretly love Gordon Gekko even while we despise him What it was that Billy Joe MacCallister threw off the Tallahatchie Bridge How James Bond never ages Why everyone is so concerned about where Waldo […]

things I don’t get

Why there are restrictions on buying soda in NY but not on buying cigarettes Why a contestant on Wheel of Fortune who has this much of the puzzle solved — M_SS_SS_PP_ — insists on buying an “I” Why people dress their pets in doll clothes and bows Why some smokers think it’s ok to flick […]

only in LA

Every city has its own caricature — the tough-talking New Yorker, the uber-preppy Bostonian, the Houston debutante, the Portland granola guy. LA owns a very specific caricature too — namely, the “necessarily narcissist.” Cases in point (and believe me, if I hadn’t seen or heard these personally, I’d have to make them up): Number One: […]