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touching base

How do you know it’s autumn in LA? The Dodgers are in the playoffs. You certainly wouldn’t know that the season has changed by the weather – until one day you actually do. While much of the rest of the country has cooled down, summer temperatures extend here into October. There may be a day […]

eye on the ball

As this year’s World Series winds down to its final game or two, and the boys of summer and the Mr. Octobers walk off into the sunset for another season, America’s favorite pastime leaves the diamond until next spring. I, for one, love the romance of baseball — but some of the rules of the […]

mr. sandman, bring me a dream …

I love the romance of baseball. That first look at the field when you enter the stadium. That sound when the ball hits the sweet spot on the bat. The deceptive ease with which outfielders catch, great batters hit, and gifted pitchers throw with pinpoint accuracy. And I love baseball movies, most notably The Natural […]

and it’s outta here!

I am the product of a mixed marriage — my father was a NY Giants baseball fan, my mother grew up on the Yankees. The Brooklyn Dodgers didn’t factor into their Bronx upbringing (although I now certainly have a fondness for LA Dodger blue), and the Mets were just never a big deal to them […]