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can’t hold a candle to you

In our home we celebrate birthdays (and the day before birthdays because we just can’t wait another minute) with candles and cupcakes. And, sometimes, with some remarkable (read “out of left field”) conversations. Yesterday, the day before my big day, was no different. To wit: Me: Will you still feed me? He: (distracted as he […]

helio again

Dear Ms. Sun: Here we are. Another birthday of mine in the next day or so, meaning another trip around you. Unlike the rest of us (who all, at one time or another, think the earth revolves around us), you, actually, are entitled to feel that way (you heliocentric being, you). And while this past […]

happy birthday, baby

This week is B.’s 54th birthday (how did that happen — we were just in our 30s about five minutes ago) and, as usual, I’m faced with the age-old dilemma of what to do for a present. Oh, sure, there are the obvious choices — the new Grisham novel, the iTunes gift card, tickets to […]