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a novel approach

Okay, I’m going to share something with you here. Something that I’ll mention this one time but will not mention again (at least not until I’ve accomplished it). It is a daunting but necessary task, something that has been gnawing at me for some time, and something that I now feel compelled to do. I […]

page me

I can still remember the moment when, all of a sudden, written letters turned into words — and once I started reading, I never stopped. From Little Golden Books to big, best-selling novels, books have always been a constant for me — and the heroines within, constant company. It’s the “girls” I grew up with […]

book ’em, dano

Guilty as charged. I’m a serial reader. Seriously serial. I read several books a week, mostly novels, with a few biographies and the occasional mystery thrown in for good measure. For as long as I can remember, reading has been a passion. If I could have any gift in the world for my birthday, let’s […]