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humor me

I like to think that I have a very good, very broad sense of humor. Sophisticated enough to enjoy the stylings of Frasier and Niles Crane (and Lilith, of course). Smart enough to appreciate the social and political satire of Jon Stewart and the sheer brilliance of Robin Williams. And — and this is the […]

duh-ble trouble

Ever have one of those “aha” moments, those celebrated moments of our lives that are epiphanies, revealing our own truths, our own selves, our own reasons for being? Not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about those times when you finally realize something completely obvious, something that everyone else out there probably has known forever while you’ve […]

season’s reasons

There are lots of reasons to love the holiday season — and lots of reasons to dread it, too — but one constant is the holiday classic. Whether it’s Charlie Brown and his tiny little tree or Rudolph with his big red nose; that so-ugly-he’s-adorable green Grinch or that so-adorable-she’s-annoying little girl from Miracle on […]

wood-a, shoulda, coulda

I love nature as much as the next person (ok, to a point), and a walk through the famed monarch butterfly preserve near Santa Barbara is always a treat. From November through February, this eucalyptus grove is host to what seems like millions of monarchs on their annual migration. So there we were this weekend. Picture it — […]

lower the cone of silence

For those who remember Get Smart from the 1960s, you’re familiar with the Cone of Silence. For those who who think the Cone of Silence is a new flavor at Baskin Robbins, let me fill you in. In the sitcom, CONTROL secret agents were the good guys and KAOS the bad. The Cone of Silence was a […]

lucy bakes a cake

While there are those who believe that you can “have your cake and eat it too,” my recent chocolate-cake-baking experience reminds me that the having part isn’t always as easy as it looks. To wit: as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my friend G.’s chocolate cake is a thing of sublime yum. Two layers of just-right […]

stand-up guys

You know what’s funny? No, I mean it — do you know what’s funny? We’ve all got our own laugh barometers and mine is usually set at “smart” — not me (although I am) — the person creating the laughter. Let’s face it. Smart guys make the best comedy (smart women, too, obviously, although today […]

finding my funny

We’ve all been there. Life deals us a really tough hand and we feel like crawling under the nearest fuzzy blanket with Ben & Jerry, turning up the volume on Steel Magnolias, and just having an all-out pity party. No other guests invited. But the need to get back to routine does kick in — […]

dear 5-year-old me

Having just celebrated a birthday with multiple 5’s in it, it seems an appropriate time for me to think about myself at five years old, my life stretched out ahead of me, cute smile, pinchable cheeks, neuroses already firmly in place (who knew?). If I could offer advice and comfort to that sweet little girl, […]

nights in shining humor

When I was a teenager, then a college student, and then an adult — in fact from the ages of about 16 through 34 — I went to bed with the same man every night. Johnny Carson. I’d usually make it through about half of the show, sometimes all of it. Johnny’s monologue always made […]