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one girl, two cities

A lot has been written about New York; even more has been said about the city that has given Chicago an inferiority complex, Los Angeles a cultural arts complex, and San Francisco, well, honestly, I think that San Francisco is too busy dealing with its LA insecurities to worry too much about New York. To […]

spitting image

Dear Prius-Driving Privileged Prince: You don’t know me, but I’m the person in the car behind yours at the red light. The person who is as deserving of a clean environment as you are. The person who asks only that you attempt to use those good manners that I’m fairly sure a 27-ish guy would […]

long and winding road

Having ┬átraded in the pavement-pounding crowds of New York for the freeway-clogging crowds of LA just about 17 years ago, I have to admit that the whole LA driving scene continues to surprise me. It’s such a big part of life out here that it deserves its own zip code. Maybe 9-0-2-1-0MG. ┬áTo wit: In […]

only in LA

Every city has its own caricature — the tough-talking New Yorker, the uber-preppy Bostonian, the Houston debutante, the Portland granola guy. LA owns a very specific caricature too — namely, the “necessarily narcissist.” Cases in point (and believe me, if I hadn’t seen or heard these personally, I’d have to make them up): Number One: […]

falling for george

After having lived in LA now for almost 16 years, I have to admit that I love it, especially the sunshine, mild temps, and the fact that George Clooney, Kobe, and I all live in the same place (not quite, but sort of). One thing I do miss about NY, though, aside from the pizza, […]