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just seventeen

I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles. That’s what was playing on that June day 45 years ago — at the mailboxes at Cornell — when B. and I met as high-school kids. And for all these years, whenever he hears that song on the car radio, he never turns it off until it’s […]

summer lovin’

It’s that time of year again. B. is done teaching for the semester and that means that he is home for the entire summer. The. Entire. Summer.  Now, given that he works practically 24/7 during the semester, you’d think that I’d be thrilled to have him available for ten weeks or so. And I am. […]

b. cause i do

It’s Thanksgiving in a couple of days and, amid all the shopping (done) and the cooking and baking (to come), I’ve been doing some thinking (sometimes my ideas lead me into Lucy Ricardo territory, sometimes not). This time, I’m thinking about the one single thing I’m most thankful for. And that would be my amazing husband, […]

two from the heart

He was shy. She was not. She was poor. He was poorer. He was Giants. She was Yankees. He loved the movies. She loved him. She adored Sinatra. He adored her. He gave a mutual friend a Mel Ott baseball card in exchange for introducing him to her. She went on a first date with him because her […]

donkey see …

Having just returned from a week in New Mexico, I brought home with me the expected  — a volume of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, a recipe for amazing guacamole, a pair of gorgeous turquoise earrings. B. brought home with him the unexpected — a love bite from a donkey. I know. But an adorable donkey that […]

summer of ’75

It amazes me that B. and I met 38 years ago this summer. The summer of 1975. Two high-school juniors meeting at an upstate NY university for a summer of higher education. (Cue CSN singing Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.) One 17-year-old girl, who’d led a fairly sheltered existence, hoping for a summer of love. One 17-year-old boy, […]