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one girl, two cities

A lot has been written about New York; even more has been said about the city that has given Chicago an inferiority complex, Los Angeles a cultural arts complex, and San Francisco, well, honestly, I think that San Francisco is too busy dealing with its LA insecurities to worry too much about New York. To […]

baby and the blouse man

Many, many movies capture the essence of growing up in New York. Many capture the New York Jewish experience perfectly. And a few go so far as to bring to life a part of that experience that flourished in the ’50s and ’60s in a place known as the Catskills. Some background: ┬áLocated a couple […]

you want a pizza this?

You can’t tell a New Yorker about pizza. Because New Yorkers know pizza better than anyone (spoken like a born and bred New Yorker, I know). If asked what the one thing I miss about living in New York is, the answer would have to be the pizza. You can throw a dart and hit […]