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what the world needs now

With Valentine’s Day just around the weekend corner (the day after Super Bowl Sunday, which, in my mind, is one of the least romantic days of the year), it’s only natural that romance comes to mind. And beyond the age-old argument about Valentine’s Day really being a greeting-card-company-created holiday, I have a bigger issue to […]

two on the aisle

Every woman has a different idea of romance. To some, it’s roses and champagne. To others, it’s diamonds and a getaway for two to Fiji. To still others, it’s George Clooney (oh, come on, like you’ve never thought that). And while all that stuff is nice, to me, real romance is more nuanced, more personal, […]

slice of life

There’s a scene in The Way We Were where Katie Morosky (Barbra Streisand) gets herself all worked up, her words rushing out, telling Hubbell Gardiner (Robert Redford) why he absolutely must stay for dinner because she’s just run around town picking up all the ingredients for the meal, including a pie. He looks at her for […]

petal pusher

I’m not a rose person. Yes, I think they’re pretty, but if you really want to grab my attention (and my heart), bring me a bunch of tulips (bright pink), peonies (bright pink) or chocolate (milk chocolate). Seriously, I’m not the kind of woman who wants her husband to send three dozen roses to her office so […]

together again, at last

The other night, with an evening to myself as B. was giving final exams, I found a treasure on TV — Encore was broadcasting the first night of a 4-part viewing of The Thorn Birds. The classic miniseries first aired in 1983, and I’ve never gotten to see it in its entirety. Actually, I’ve never seen […]