remembering my mom

images-1My mom passed away just a few days ago and, at yesterday’s cemetery service, I had the chance to share my thoughts about her with the small group who attended. The words are from my heart.

“Thank you for being here today. I want to express our gratitude to you for your love and support — it truly touches my heart. My mom would thank you, too, if she could.

I’d like to say a few words about my mother this morning.

If you ask anyone who knew my mother to tell you something about her, I believe they would all comment on the same thing – her extraordinary love for my father. They shared a remarkable love affair; he was her entire life and always referred to her as his “beautiful bride.” I think that from the day he passed away almost 36 years ago to the moment she passed a few days ago, not even one tiny piece of her broken heart ever healed. The best days of her life were those spent with him. And I take comfort now in knowing that they are together again.

My mom was a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She had three grandkids, thanks to my brother, and four great-grandchildren, thanks to one of his sons. They were all lights of her life. She also had a son-in-law whom she absolutely adored and a daughter-in-law whom she welcomed into the family 40 years ago.

My mom was a very religious woman in her own way. She had tremendous faith in God and was comforted by Jewish ritual. That is why today’s service and the preparations leading up to it have been so traditional. It’s what she would have wanted.

My mom was a very proud woman, always taking great pains with her appearance, including coloring her hair right up to the end. When she and my dad married in 1948, their black-and-white photos show a stunning young woman, who looked like one of those glamorous Hollywood stars from that era. She was at her happiest then, about to embark on the life she had always dreamed of.

Her greatest joy was making a warm and beautiful home for her husband and her children.

I’ll close with these words: I love you Mom and I’ll miss you terribly. Rest in peace, and say hi to Daddy for me.”


© 2013 Claudia Grossman

9 comments on “remembering my mom

  1. Beautiful tribute Claudia to your mom. Our blessings to you cast with love and warmth.

  2. Truly touching Claudia. In just a few short paragraphs – I feel I know your Mom… and your Dad. And from what I now know I think she would be, she is, joy-filled by your remembrances. Wishing you peace. xo

  3. Dear Claudia,
    So sorry to learn of your loss. I only met your Mother once, but spoke with her on the phone a few times when we needed assistance for my Grandmother. She was a warm, kind and generous woman. Your words are so true! I am sure you will miss her, but she would not want you to be sad, rather that you to remember the wonderful moments you shared.
    My sincerest condolences,

  4. Claudia, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing. I can’t imagine how difficult this is for your and you family. Your words are beautiful and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. Beautiful, Claudia, although I was hoping that it ended with you adopting the puppy. But beautiful nonetheless.

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