blonde leading the blonde

coca-cola-76We’ve all heard those blonde jokes — and I, for one, would like to put them to rest. Three reasons — first, because they demoralize women in general; second, because I happen to be one of the blonde minority and don’t appreciate the aspersions; and third, because they’re just not true.  So, in an effort to educate the masses and give a shout-out of support to my blonde sisters everywhere, I thought I’d choose a few of my favorite blondes — some fictional, some real — who prove my point. (By the way, whether naturally blonde or not, it’s the mindset we’re talking about here).

First, Hillary Clinton. Is anyone going to argue that this former senator, Secretary of State, and past and possibly future presidential candidate is a dumb blonde? Didn’t think so.

Next, Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) in Fatal Attraction. Not exactly a silly bunny. Crazy, yes; stupid, not at all.

Rapunzel. Locked away in a tower, this girl used her long blonde hair as a means to escape. Okay, hair that long would probably use up enough shampoo to clean a small car, but still.

Madonna. A one-name, one-woman, one-in-a-million marketing machine. Undisputed holder of the Blonde Ambition title.

Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly) in Rear Window. Smart enough to figure out a murder mystery. Gorgeous enough to knock Jimmy Stewart’s socks off (if he were wearing them instead of being in a leg cast). Resourceful enough to order in from 21.

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) in Legally Blonde. Sure she looked like the stereotypical blonde air brain, but this blonde bombshell proved them all wrong. Don’t you love it when the smart girl and the beautiful girl are the same girl?

Meryl Streep. In every role. The woman is a chameleon, virtually turning herself into every character she plays. Her accents are flawless. Her acting, superb. Her hair, blonde. Oh, right — did I mention she’s a graduate of Yale?

Did you hear the one about the brilliant blonde? Now you have.

As for me, the name is Blonde. Jane Blonde.

© 2013 Claudia Grossman

2 comments on “blonde leading the blonde

  1. Fantastic, my blonde daughter-in-law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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