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beauty-day--retro-Image-Graphics-Fairy1Ask any woman about her hair and she’ll go on for at least two paragraphs about what she likes and hates about it. That having been said, I still find it amazing that top among recent news stories — including those about health care coverage, election results, the New York Marathon, the Red Sox World Series, the US eavesdropping on our allies, the ongoing conjecturing about Hillary Clinton (will she or won’t she) — has been the breaking news about celebs’ cutting their hair. OMG.

Apparently, there’s a new pixie patrol in town, including Jennifer Hudson, Pamela Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth and Jennifer Lawrence. All of whom have had their long, luscious locks cut into adorable pixie styles. And the earth didn’t explode (although I’m not sure how much more of a media frenzy there would be if the earth did go “poof!”).

But we might want to double-lock our doors against the end-of-the world panic brought on by the news we read yesterday — that Jennifer Aniston (yes, the goddess of the perfectly highlighted, perfectly tousled, perfectly beach-waved mane) was forced to cut her hair into a bob because of a smoothing treatment gone awry. It’s ironic, of course, that the woman who made the “Rachel” the most famous hair style of all time (go figure), and who now owns one of the world’s most prestigious hair care lines, actually has had a hair day so bad that it required cutting inches upon inches of hair off. And I’m sure, like women everywhere who go through a salon day gone bad, it had a certain amount of trauma attached to it.

But it actually makes her a bit more human – she’s finally one of us (for the moment, anyway).

If Jennifer Aniston can have the Ultimate Bad Hair Day — Hairmageddon, if you will — then women everywhere can forgive her the rockin’ body, the killer wardrobe, the millions of dollars, the golden glow, and that doorknob of a rock on her finger.

Why split hairs?

© 2013 Claudia Grossman

One comment on “hairmageddon

  1. I just finished reading the item online, and here you are—right on target. you are amazing. D

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