matter of fact

imagesPeople often ask me where I get my inspiration for my writing. And, as unglamorous as it may sound, ideas come to me most frequently in the most mundane of circumstances. Like last night, while attempting (unsuccessfully) to fall asleep and weighing whether I should just give it up and read, a random thought popped into my head.

Matt. That’s it — probably helped along by the fact that we had just watched Promised Land with Matt Damon. It occurred to me just how many Matts have enhanced my TV and movie viewing and how I adore them all.

Matt Damon. Mr. Good-Matt-Hunting. Ruthless in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Adorable in Oceans 11 (and 12 and 13). Killer (literally and figuratively) in the Bourne franchise. Vulnerable and sexy in We Bought a Zoo. Conscience-stricken in the aforementioned Promised Land. And a real-life father to 4 little girls. Could he be any more perfect?

Matthew Perry. My favorite Friend, with arguably some of the best lines in TV comedy. Loved him in The West Wing. Applauded him in the short-lived Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Charmed by him in Go On. Seems like a really good guy. Makes my heartstrings go “Bing!”

Matt Bomer. If you haven’t seen White Collar, you’re missing the smoothest, coolest, smartest thief /con man-turned-FBI-asset ever. Quick-thinking, incredibly handsome, a Renaissance man knowledgeable about a million topics — with a wardrobe worthy of GQ. Except maybe for that somewhat unique accessory — an ankle bracelet.

Matt Houston. Okay, not a real guy but a 1980s  private eye (from Texas) played by Lee Horsley. This guy had all the moves, with a sexy smile and Magnum-inspired mustache to match. He always got the bad guys (and the girls, both good and bad) — all with that irresistible, Southern-gentleman style. Gave Bobby Ewing a run for the money in my book.

Add in Matthew Goode, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew McConaughey — and you do the math. We’re talking magnetism personified.

Multiplied by a factor of Matt.

© 2014 Claudia Grossman

5 comments on “matter of fact

  1. Good point. I’m wracking (racking?) my brain to think of a Matt who isn’t nice (or doesn’t seem nice: we know we haven’t actually met these Matts – altho I did, briefly, meet Matthew Perry when he was doing a play here in London in the West End, and he was lovely). I can’t think of one.

    In fact, when I was doing my blog, I was befriended by the nicest guy – a Matt, from up North – who commented, did a great blog. And – for the fashion blogging world – he was actually straight, with a pretty, equally nice, girlfriend.

    My perpetually single friend in NY had a sort of kind of boyfriend for years, named Matt. He was, alas, too nice. She’s more drawn to the unattainable bad boys. Hence still being single.

    I’m now thinking of other actors who SHOULD be named Matt. Ryan Goslings, for starters.

    I get all my writing or other creative ideas in water. Swimming is best, but in a pinch, I”ll jump in the shower. Clears my head, and the ideas magically appear.

    I do love the seemingly randomness of your posts, Claudia. Hope you guys had a lovely holiday season, and a Happy New Year.

  2. You are great. But, I always new that. D

  3. Yeah, but have you fallen asleep yet?

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