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conundrum roll, please

dT4LrndpcLife is all about choices. Where you live. What you do. Whom you love. What you have for lunch. In today’s post, I look at a list of life’s less-than-critical choices and weigh in with my calls. Some might say I’m too picky. I say I like what I like. To wit:

Ginger or Mary Anne?  The Professor

Sean Connery or Roger Moore?  Daniel Craig

Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) or Doug Ross (McClooney)? Joe Gannon (McBlue Eyes)

NY or LA?  San Francisco

Fallon or Kimmel?  Colbert

Pineapple & ham or chicken & sprouts on pizza?  Not hungry

Special K or egg-white omelette? Pancakes

Mr. Spock or Mr. Rogers?  Mr. Darcy

Coffee or tea?  Cocoa (extra whipped cream)

Mantle or Maris? Jeter

Roger or Rafa? Johnny Mac 

Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive? E Street

Minor choices in the scheme of life, sure, and none of the options is really wrong (except the one about pineapple and ham on pizza — that is grievously, unequivocally, and undeniably wrong). But here’s the best part — and one of my life philosophies — if you don’t like the choices, make up your own.

Truth or dare.

ⓒ 2015 Claudia Grossman

One comment on “conundrum roll, please

  1. Some more things I did not know about you.???????D

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