proof through the night

Four years ago I wrote a post entitled Pigs Are Flying because, let’s face it, the world had seemingly turned upside down that November day, and all we took to be logical and sensible suddenly was not. You might want to give it a quick look before reading on — I’ll wait. Done? Okay. The results of the 2020 election have put the earth back on its rightful axis for me — and, by the judge of things, for millions around the globe — making this a good time to update that 2016 post. To wit:

Pigs are firmly back on the ground. Mittens are no longer needed in hell, where snowballs have turned to steam. Needles are safely hidden back in proverbial haystacks and apples are once again falling not at all far from their trees.

In the world of science, the planets are no longer even considering reversing their orbits, and the sun is happy to honor its contract of continuing to rise each day. The man in the moon is once more thrilled with his gig (earth being a much better place to be looking down at again) and the force of gravity has a new and stronger grip (as does reality). Sales of one-way tickets to Mars have dropped considerably.

The figure in Munch’s The Scream has been erased from the $5 bill, with Lincoln back in his place of honor, and order has been restored to the hierarchy of rock, paper, and scissors. Horses, while once again allowing themselves to be led to water, have now regained their freedom of choice as to whether they want to drink, and cows are back to being non-committal as to when they will come home.

The number of angels dancing on the head of a pin has increased to being too high to count; in related news, every time a bell rings an angel once more gets its wings. A stitch in time has gone back up in value to nine, and, while there are still clouds, we will soon be seeing more silver linings and less tarnish.

Our sense of order is awakening once more, along with the comforting thought that the things we always knew to be so are recognized as truth once again. The times they are a changin’ — again — but this time in the correct direction for human rights, for compassion, for decency.

One thing does remain the same: Silence no longer speaks volumes — silence is just, well, silent. So continue to use your voice. For liberty and justice for all.

For the dawn’s early light.

ⓒ 2020 Claudia Grossman

3 comments on “proof through the night

  1. Fabulous blog.You have expressed all our innermost thoughts. Loved it. D

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