searching for myself … or for some chocolate

book ’em, dano

Guilty as charged. I’m a serial reader. Seriously serial. I read several books a week, mostly novels, with a few biographies and the occasional mystery thrown in for good measure. For as long as I can remember, reading has been a passion. If I could have any gift in the world for my birthday, let’s […]

balls & dolls

When it comes to strong, inspiring women — women who have the courage, the gumption, the balls, if you will, to stand up for what they believe in — my list includes (in no particular order): Eleanor Roosevelt, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King. And if I want […]

dear 5-year-old me

Having just celebrated a birthday with multiple 5’s in it, it seems an appropriate time for me to think about myself at five years old, my life stretched out ahead of me, cute smile, pinchable cheeks, neuroses already firmly in place (who knew?). If I could offer advice and comfort to that sweet little girl, […]

what’s on tap?

In my ongoing quest to discover the star inside, I found myself, one day a few years ago, signing up for a series of evening tap dance classes. The online description was perfect — a series of eight classes, one hour each, targeted at beginners, start whenever you want. All that was required was a […]

hang a left at the caramel

One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching — but not for the reasons you probably think. Let the other women get the roses (delivered to the office where everyone can see). The jewelry that’s advertised in commercials as coming straight from the heart (the heart of the ad agency, anyway). The red bustier that […]

you want a pizza this?

You can’t tell a New Yorker about pizza. Because New Yorkers know pizza better than anyone (spoken like a born and bred New Yorker, I know). If asked what the one thing I miss about living in New York is, the answer would have to be the pizza. You can throw a dart and hit […]

dear jack

Dear Jack, We’ve never met but I’m a little bit in love with you. I married your grandson, and his stories about you make me feel like, had we known each other, we would have been great friends. I never knew my grandfathers, both of them passing away before I was even born, so the […]

sample simple

In this world where even Type A personalities can feel left behind, the idea of achieving perfection – or anything in that neighborhood – is daunting at best. Ergo the epiphany that came to me while engaging in the very unglamorous act of painting our kitchen: a simple enough task, perfectly done, can bring pleasure, […]

really, she wrote?

While browsing the aisles of an LA shop well known to makeup artists and their clients, I suddenly saw Ms. Acting Legend. Awarded and beloved for decades for her work on stage, screen, and television, there she was. Not a young woman by any means, but absolutely regal in how she carried herself and in […]

beyond living on their hair

When it comes to music, I grew up on WABC-AM Top 40 (Harry Harrison and Cousin Brucie, anyone?). Carole King was my goddess in junior high. And as un-hip as it may sound, in high school, I loved listening to Jim Croce (my heart broke when his plane crashed), CSNY, Aztec Two-Step, James Taylor, Phoebe Snow. […]