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hang a left at the caramel

One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching — but not for the reasons you probably think. Let the other women get the roses (delivered to the office where everyone can see). The jewelry that’s advertised in commercials as coming straight from the heart (the heart of the ad agency, anyway). The red bustier that either a) is never worn because you can’t breathe in it or b) is worn for 30 seconds max before the fun begins.

Nope, not for me. My Valentine gift of choice is chocolate. And not even the fancy, fanciful ones that chocolate fanatics Heart-box-of-chocolatesfantasize about. I can’t help it, but I adore the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that you can find in any drugstore.

Those red foil hearts get me every time. And you know what’s really cool? Those little road maps inside that tell you which chocolate is which (so you don’t bite into the strawberry cream instead of the nougat, leaving lots of half-eaten chocolates for someone else).

B. still manages to delight me each year with something particularly sweet on Valentine’s Day (even if he would rather celebrate our affection on days not dictated by the calendar). He always remembers that the way to his cara mia’s heart is through caramels; that the path to his sweetheart’s kiss is lined with chocolate kisses; and that instead of ruffles, his girl prefers truffles.

vw-beetle-mdBonbon voyage.

© 2013 Claudia Grossman

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