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thrill of the chase

If you have been influenced by a movie at least once in your life, raise your hand. (Am I the only one who never sits with my back to the window in a restaurant? Has The Godfather taught you nothing?). Now, if you’ve had your life somehow actually shaped by a movie, raise your hand. (Has […]

romancing the stones

Hey guys, here’s a news flash. Unless you’re Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte (or Mark Spitz in 1972), we women don’t really want to see you in a tiny swimsuit (you know the ones I’m talking about). In fact, even if you are Michael or Ryan (or Mark back in the day), most of us […]

you say neurotic, I say erotic, let’s call the whole thing off

I once had a friend say that the attraction between my husband and me was based on the fact that we tend to freak each other out. “What drew you to each other,” she painstakingly explained, “is that you work each other up and stress each other out. Your stress feeds off his and his […]