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girl meets joy

Pop quiz — finish this sentence: Life without ___________ would be less joyful. Okay, we’re not talking family or friends here. We’re talking about the other things that, well, make your world go round. Things that rock your world. Things that, whenever you encounter them, bring a world of joy to your heart and make […]

heart and soul

Yesterday was one of those days of contradiction. Amidst the horror of the tragedy at Nice, we had tickets to see Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. On this dark, sad day, a trip to an upbeat musical? It seemed wrong to go and enjoy ourselves — but it seemed more wrong to let the chance of […]

ear candy

I have an affinity for ’70s bubblegum pop music. There. I’ve said it. Yes, you heard me correctly. Tony Orlando & Dawn (yellow ribbons for everyone!); Mac Davis (“Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me” was the ultimate musical hook); Leo Sayer (he made me feel like dancing); Starland Vocal Band (oooh, afternoon delight — wait, what?).  Although […]

roots and wingspan

It occurs to me that certain events serve as bookends for different stages of my life. One such set of my bookends are two Eagles concerts; the first in the late 1970s at the Boston Garden and the second just a few years ago at the Hollywood Bowl. The first, while I was still in college, so […]

when brenda and eddie met tommy and gina

Here’s a thought: What if Brenda and Eddie from Billy Joel’s Scenes from an Italian Restaurant met Tommy and Gina from Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer? What? It could happen. Here’s what we know: Brenda and Eddie are from Long Island, the former King and Queen of the Prom who marry against all advice, get furniture from […]

i’ll be where?

Life is full of irony. Like the one time you get to the airport early and your flight is cancelled. Or when you spend hours preparing a gourmet meal only to find your guests are in the midst of a juice cleanse. Or when you cut your hair and sell it to buy your husband a fob for his pocket watch […]

for love of the game

To me, watching someone do what they love — and do it so amazingly because of their talent and affinity for it — is truly a rush. Kobe knocking down the 3-point playoff shot at the buzzer, Peyton throwing the perfect (and perfectly impossible) touchdown pass, Shaun literally defying gravity as he rides the half […]