clearing skies

free-vector-sunflower-against-blue-sky-clip-art_115284_Sunflower_Against_Blue_Sky_clip_art_smallAt the risk of dating myself, there’s a song by Dire Straits that I absolutely love called Why Worry? And it’s one particular lyric, as well as Mark Knopfler’s amazing guitar riffs, that sets it apart in my mind: “There should be laughter after pain / There should be sunshine after rain / These things have always been the same.” Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my past Saturday.

The day started not so well — the funeral of a friend’s mother. Given that I lost my own mother only six months ago, Saturday morning was more difficult than I had anticipated. Okay. That was the rain and pain part.

We then met friends and their 14-year-old daughter for an early dinner. As fate would have it, their daughter is an aspiring novelist (she was delighted to hear that I write for a living), has a huge imagination, wanted to know my tips for keeping my skin looking “so beautiful” (I was ready to adopt her on the spot), and was enamored with the idea that I had once named nail polish colors for a living. She loved hearing about Paul Simon (long story). She also wanted to know my favorite writers (she couldn’t have asked me a more favorite question) and then patiently took me through the entire Harry Potter series. She did such a good job of it that I’m tempted to hang with Harry one day. She also did a good job of making me smile. The sky was beginning to clear.

The day ended with comedy (literally) when we went to see Paul Reiser doing stand-up. He was incredibly funny and smart — I haven’t laughed that hard in a really, really long time. I’m talking tears-running-down-my-face, I-can’t-catch-my-breath laughs. Turns out, he’s also a very nice guy. It was time for the sunglasses. Finally.

From Dire Straits to Bridge Over Troubled Water to Here Comes the Sun. Call it the perfect Hard Day’s Night.

© 2013 Claudia Grossman

2 comments on “clearing skies

  1. Wonderful blog, using all my favorite songs (I didn’t know that before) we are on the same wave length. Love

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