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summer lovin’

It’s that time of year again. B. is done teaching for the semester and that means that he is home for the entire summer. The. Entire. Summer.  Now, given that he works practically 24/7 during the semester, you’d think that I’d be thrilled to have him available for ten weeks or so. And I am. […]

summer of ’75

It amazes me that B. and I met 38 years ago this summer. The summer of 1975. Two high-school juniors meeting at an upstate NY university for a summer of higher education. (Cue CSN singing Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.) One 17-year-old girl, who’d led a fairly sheltered existence, hoping for a summer of love. One 17-year-old boy, […]

dear jack

Dear Jack, We’ve never met but I’m a little bit in love with you. I married your grandson, and his stories about you make me feel like, had we known each other, we would have been great friends. I never knew my grandfathers, both of them passing away before I was even born, so the […]

i don’t know … but

One of my passions is great advertising. I am a huge fan of print ads (as long as they’re still around) and really admire classic TV commercials — many of them (if not most) from the ’60s and ’70s (which sort of dovetails nicely with my love of Mad Men). I’ve been known to burst […]

baby steps

With the idea of finding something new and fun to do (and after having watched Dirty Dancing for like the millionth or so time), I signed us up for swing-dance lessons (non-dirty dancing, but it looked like fun anyway). Yes, B. was agreeable; no, neither of us was quite prepared for what awaited us in […]

you say neurotic, I say erotic, let’s call the whole thing off

I once had a friend say that the attraction between my husband and me was based on the fact that we tend to freak each other out. “What drew you to each other,” she painstakingly explained, “is that you work each other up and stress each other out. Your stress feeds off his and his […]