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don’t take any shirt from anyone

The numbers are awful. One in four women will be the victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. That means if your book group includes seven other women, two of them might suffer. If you’ve got three besties, one of the four of you could end up seriously hurt or worse. And your daughter’s cheerleading […]

bosom buddies

While watching the Emmy Awards this past Sunday night, a few things occurred to me — a) Jon Hamm was wrongfully passed over yet again as the dark, damaged, devastatingly disarming Don Draper (although I have to admit that I love Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy in Newsroom; in fact, he could almost make me […]

balls & dolls

When it comes to strong, inspiring women — women who have the courage, the gumption, the balls, if you will, to stand up for what they believe in — my list includes (in no particular order): Eleanor Roosevelt, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King. And if I want […]

keep your friends close, and your m&m’s closer

Intellectually, I know I’m an emotional eater. Hel-lo. Show me a room of 10 women, and I’ll show you 9 emotional eaters. And one female who loves fiber. In trying to explain this condition to my husband, I am rewarded with a puzzled look – somewhere between that of a puppy that truly doesn’t understand your command […]