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bosom buddies

buddiesWhile watching the Emmy Awards this past Sunday night, a few things occurred to me — a) Jon Hamm was wrongfully passed over yet again as the dark, damaged, devastatingly disarming Don Draper (although I have to admit that I love Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy in Newsroom; in fact, he could almost make me think about voting for his kind of Republican — almost); 2) a little too much with the memorials (is it just me, or do you find yourself saying every year as you watch this kind of segment, “I didn’t know he / she died!”); 3) and lastly, but really important here, people, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the best part of the show; in fact, they’re usually the best part of any show they’re in together. (I crack up any time I think of their Sarah Palin / Katie Couric SNL skit.)

The whole idea of a couple of women taking the stage or screen together, playing off each other, and being so good at it isn’t new. But it’s always great to see. Like these other women “buddy” duos who put their dazzle, their talents, and their smarts together to do good.

Lucy & Ethel (Lucille Ball & Vivian Vance). Of course. The Wonder Women of women buddies. Chocolate factory, anyone?

Thelma & Louise (Geena Davis & Susan Sarandon). Without a doubt. Maybe not as funny as Lucy and Ethel, but clearly these two let nothing stand in their way (not even a little thing called the Grand Canyon).

LaVerne &  Shirley (Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams). Think Lucy and Ethel without the common sense of Ricky and Fred to rein them in (like that ever made a difference). Probably the only two females immune to Fonzie’s charms. (And is it just me, again, or does Cindy Williams as Shirley remind you of Zooey Deschanel?)

Mary & Rhoda (Mary Tyler Moore & Valerie Harper). They turned the world on with their smiles — and their terrific friendship. Whether it was Mary standing up to Mr. Grant or Rhoda searching for Mr. Right, these two had each other’s backs. My compliments to this perfect complement.

CC & Hillary (Bette Midler & Barbara Hershey). Okay all you closet Beaches fans, this one’s for you. Admit it, this unlikely duo made you laugh, made you cry, and made you want to call your best friend once the movie was over. I mean, come on, that ending where Hillary’s daughter goes to live with CC … sorry, got a tissue?

Rizzoli & Isles (Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander) Brainy, beautiful detective and even brainier, beautiful medical examiner take on Boston crime. These two are way smart — as well as appropriately smart-ass. Plus Isles has a to-die-for wardrobe and Rizzoli has crazy-good hair. (What? These things are important too.)

Which brings me back to Tina and Amy.  Please star in another movie together — Baby Mama was too long ago. Or please, please sign on to host the next Golden Globes as a team like you did this past year. Or, maybe … politics?

Just two funny.

© 2013 Claudia Grossman

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