don’t hate him because he’s beautiful

Dear Emmy Awards (or may I call you Emmy?),

With all due respect and kudos for the winners selected this past Sunday (by the way, Julianne Moore was a particularly wonderful choice), I believe that an egregious oversight has been made. That, of course, would be Jon Hamm not winning for Leading Actor in a Drama.

You are fickle, Ms. Emmy, bestowing your favor on Mad Men for several years, but never once singling out Mr. Hamm for his incredible turn as Don Draper.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that this is the act of a woman scorned — much like so many of the female characters in Mad Men — by the brilliant, handsome, smooth, uber-sexy, but, alas, uber-tortured, Mr. Draper. What woman wouldn’t feel as if she could be the one to bring peace to that enigma of a man? One part charming, one part loathing, Don Draper is the ultimate challenge.

Without a doubt, Mr. Hamm’s performance in the role is stellar. He becomes Don Draper the same way that Brando became Don Corleone or Peter Falk became Columbo. Each actor disappears totally into his role; who could imagine anyone else playing those characters?

But remember, Emmy, while Jon Hamm may play Don Draper seamlessly, he is, in fact, an actor. So however much you may despise Mr. Draper for his inability to treat women well, remember that your wrath is so strong precisely because of Mr. Hamm’s flawless portrayal.

So Emmy, what’s it to be? Why not let Jon Hamm take you home next year? I know he’ll put you on a pedestal (or at least a shelf) and for sure, he’ll love you in the morning. After all, he’s no Don Draper.



© 2012 Claudia Grossman

5 comments on “don’t hate him because he’s beautiful

  1. YOU ARE SO CLEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m loving this blog! I look forward to reading every new posting!

  3. Hey, Clauds — Witty as always! Thanks.

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