play it again, Ilsa

Our much beloved dog, Ilsa (arguably one of the world’s best dogs), had a glamorous namesake. She was named for Ilsa Lund, Ingrid Bergman’s character in Casablanca, who was the star-crossed lover of Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine. One day a few years ago, while B. and I were watching Casablanca, for the millionth time at least, Ilsa (the dog) roamed from the living room to the water bowl in the kitchen to the front door and back again (the Australian shepherd in her was probably seeking something to herd). On one of those wanderings, she passed in front of the TV as Rick was uttering Ilsa (Lund’s) name. Ilsa the dog actually stopped at the sound of her name, did a double take at the TV screen as if to say, “You talkin’ to me?”, and then wandered off down the hall, just assuming we were all discussing her. No ego problems there.

© 2012 Claudia Grossman

2 comments on “play it again, Ilsa

  1. Arfffff…sweet memories and rich writing about our “doggy” days and times!

  2. Thank you Claudia for my morning treat!

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