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in the mood

Yes, I’ve written about chocolate before. And no, I haven’t run out of things to say. In a world turned upside down and inside out, chocolate seems to help restore some smidgen of a semblance of balance. Temporarily. I’m not talking about good-for-your-health dark chocolate filled with antioxidants. I’m talking creamy, comforting, good-for-your-soul milk chocolate. […]

sweet spot

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It feels like the end of the world. It feels like we need to build an ark. It feels like we should get ready for a hailstorm of locusts. And that’s just from watching the evening news. There’s only one antidote I know of that’s up to the task of […]

lucy bakes a cake

While there are those who believe that you can “have your cake and eat it too,” my recent chocolate-cake-baking experience reminds me that the having part isn’t always as easy as it looks. To wit: as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my friend G.’s chocolate cake is a thing of sublime yum. Two layers of just-right […]

hang a left at the caramel

One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching — but not for the reasons you probably think. Let the other women get the roses (delivered to the office where everyone can see). The jewelry that’s advertised in commercials as coming straight from the heart (the heart of the ad agency, anyway). The red bustier that […]

keep your friends close, and your m&m’s closer

Intellectually, I know I’m an emotional eater. Hel-lo. Show me a room of 10 women, and I’ll show you 9 emotional eaters. And one female who loves fiber. In trying to explain this condition to my husband, I am rewarded with a puzzled look – somewhere between that of a puppy that truly doesn’t understand your command […]