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deuces wild

deuceEver watch couples interact and make up stories about them? (Or is that only me?) For example, those two sitting with their heads together over Caramel Macchiatos? Trying to decide the best way to tell her husband and his wife that they are running off to Tahiti. That distinguished, old-moneyed couple nibbling caviar on toast points? Working on preserving their image of dignity even though she’s not wearing any underwear and he’s just realized it. That pair choosing an engagement ring? Undercover cops on a stakeout.

In other words, you just don’t know what goes on behind coffee cups, caviar or carats.

More than a couple of examples:

Frank and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright). Has there ever been a more ruthless, less ethical yet totally entertaining twosome? Between her cold, calculated lust for power and his sociopathic, take-no-prisoners stance on ruling the world, it’s amazing that this House of Cards can hold them both. And it’s undeniable how much fun these two kids are. They’d be killer on The Newlywed Game. Absolute killer.

“Jeff” Jefferies and Lisa Fremont (James Stewart and Grace Kelly). Sometimes it’s what’s below the surface that tells the biggest story. Spending the summer gazing out a Rear Window, this irrepressible duo manages to solve a hideous murder and catch the perp — but what lies beneath is the cool blonde’s simmering passion and the surprising sexiness of a man with first one, then both legs in a cast.

Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan (George Clooney and Brad Pitt). Underneath the unflappable exteriors. Beyond the unquestionable good looks. Aside from the sly humor (Danny to Rusty: “Ted Nugent called. He wants his shirt back.”). Two of the sharpest, smartest characters in movie-heist history. And two of the coolest cats since Frank and Dean (and the rest of their Ocean’s Eleven buddies) took Vegas by storm.

Like they say, two for the show.

© 2015 Claudia Grossman

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. Great blog. D

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