sweet spot

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It feels like the end of the world. It feels like we need to build an ark. It feels like we should get ready for a hailstorm of locusts. And that’s just from watching the evening news. There’s only one antidote I know of that’s up to the task of making things all better, even if it’s just for a few peaceful moments. That’s right, it’s time for chocolate to work its magic. And so, in honor of this most healing indulgence, I present an ode of appreciation.

Choco-lot of Chocolate

Lots and lots of chocolate.

Rich sweet milk or dark-a-lot.

Dipped or sprinkled, plain or nutty

Turns my willpower to putty.

Chocolate is my go-to food

My fast lane to a better mood.

Take away those fruits and veggies

But don’t deprive me of a wedge, please,

Of smooth, sweet chocolate nirvana.

Go on, give in — you know you wanna.

So whether you opt for a bar, a bonbon, or some bark, I’d suggest chocolate as part of your daily survival kit (or KitKat). There’s a reason it’s known as the “food of the gods” — it’s a superhero cloaked in a Cadbury wrapper (or naked, in the case of Godiva). Take two daily and call for a change in the morning.




ⓒ 2017 Claudia Grossman

3 comments on “sweet spot

  1. My mouth is watering. Nothing in the house, so I will have to stop at the supermarket. D

  2. Yep, chocolate makes everything better, doesn’t it?

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