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positive charge

“Cash or credit?” That’s the question these days.

Years ago it was, “Cash or charge?”  Somewhere along the line, “charge” changed — became “recharged,” if you will. And that’s exactly where I found myself this week — needing to recharge my laptop with a charger that had just died and had to be replaced. Stat.

Not as easy to replace as I had hoped. According to the Apple support person on the phone, my 2009 Macbook Pro is “so obsolete” that Apple no longer makes the charger for it. (Is it just me who feels bad — and guilty — when I’m told my computer is obsolete? What kind of support is that, anyway?) But find a compatible one online I did — and I am eagerly (read “bouncing off the walls”) awaiting its arrival. In the meantime, I’ve been “renting space” on B.’s PC. A perfectly nice, perfectly accommodating PC, but a PC nonetheless.

Plugging in the new charger will bring my laptop back into full health in no time at all — allowing me to be as creative as my imagination will stretch on any given day. (Trust me, sometimes that imagination gets a little too stretchy, creative-wise, and I end up either scaring myself to death or cracking myself up to the point where catching my breath isn’t happening. Being a writer can be a bit hazardous, it seems.)

Wouldn’t it be cool if everything could be recharged as easily? Like that waitress who would much rather file her nails than take your order. Or the doctor who keeps you waiting more than an hour but charges a penalty if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment time. Or that arrogant, selfie-obsessed guy taking his time crossing the street while you’re waiting to make a turn before the light changes.

Or the elephant in the room. Let’s call it the state of our world. And let’s imagine what a recharge could do for that.

Cash or credit? Here’s a better idea — how about checks? And balances.


ⓒ 2017 Claudia Grossman




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