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mad for words

There are words that have moved mountains, moved hearts and minds, moved the world forward. Noble, majestic words that have changed our lives for the better.

This post is not about those words. It is, however, about words that are clever, compelling, and impactful in their own right. The words of exceptional advertising.

When it comes to the language of advertising, here are three of the best lines I know, each classic, each iconic, and each a brilliant example of the power of the write words. The proof? We’re still talking about them today.

Because I’m worth it. Never underestimate the power of a new tube of lipstick to potentially make a woman feel better about her day – and never underestimate the power of L’Oréal’s ground-breaking “because I’m worth it” campaign, which first debuted in the 1970s for its hair color line, to have made a woman feel that she deserved the best. That she had earned her place in the spotlight. And that her possibilities were endless – all the way up through that glass ceiling. Kiss, kiss.

Think small. In a world where bigger cars meant better cars (and, in that vein, a better life perhaps), Volkswagen had the temerity in the 1960s to attempt to sell its VW Beetle by encouraging consumers to “think small.” It was a flabbergasting, fantastic, fabulous line that went against everything anyone had ever been taught about being a success. But thinking small was really thinking big – is there anyone on earth who hasn’t heard of the Beetle, even today? Now that’s a big deal.

Just do it. Nike’s mantra for that moment when whatever it is you’re trying to achieve seems just a few steps too far. Its anthem for everyone from extraordinary champions to ordinary folks trying to champion their own cause; from the multi-million-dollar endorsers who have gone beyond their wildest dreams to the multiple millions who dream in much smaller increments; from those who have achieved the impossible to those to whom the possible is a challenge every day. Just do it is just perfect.

Good advertising sells. But great advertising sells an image, an ideal, an inspiration.

Required reading.

©2021 Claudia Grossman

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  1. As usual “superb”

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